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Egyptian Writing Revealed!
15.07.2016 10:21

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is showcasing for the very first time the first writing from ancient Egypt found detailing work antiquities officials said.

The find by a French-Egyptian team unearths documents telling of the daily lives of port workers who transported enormous limestone blocks during King Khufu’s rule to Cairo to construct the Great Pyramid, thought to be his interment construction.

One record was a “diary by authorities official Merer (the love) with data and administrative details” of his work, said Sayed Mahfouz, who co-directed the 2013 discovery.

Merer headed a team of around 40, in accordance with the ministry.

The records also list pay their wages and sales transferred from various Egyptian states to feed pyramid contractors, Mahfouz said.

While what was paid to workers would be composed in black sales was composed in crimson, said Mahfouz.

It said the exceptionally efficient administrative system is indicated by the papyri “ .

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