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15.07.2016 10:16

10 strangers with one thing in common met for the very first time. Their goal was to form a club to trade printing strategies and thoughts but they joked about a scheme for the lunch that is very where they were participating — who get bumped off, and how?

Everyone lived!

At their second meeting, the group embraced the name MAHI (Mystery Writers of Hawaii Island). Members must have printed mystery novels and must reside, at least part time, on the Big Island. Several members are added since the group’s founding but, up to now, there happen to be no threatening disappearances

I was surprised by how many of us there are,” said Jane Hoff, among the founding members. “It’s truly amazing to discover a tribe of writers with because, by nature, our company is quite one.”

This unique group includes lawyers, a librarian, nurse, psychologist, a musician, physician, forensic anthropologist, university professors etc. Some compose at home and their works, online and accessible locally, comprise:

• Dead to Swing.
• “Dying for a Preference” by Leslie Karst.
• “The Instance of the Defunct Adjunct.
• “Pele’s Tears” by Sharna Eberlein.
• “Katya” by Jamie McCormick and Jon Martell.
• The Ross Duncan by Christopher Bartley.


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